SNCF strike: traffic less disturbed on Monday than last week

Ⓒ AFP – RAYMOND ROIG – | The platforms of the station of Perpignan, April 8, 2018

A TGV on five, a Transilien and TER out of three and Intercités out of six will ride Monday, according to forecasts announced Sunday by the SNCF for the fourth day of strike against the railway reform.

The disturbances announced are identical to those recorded Sunday for TGV, TER and Transilien. Only intercity traffic is deteriorating. The program is therefore less disturbed than during the first strike, last Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday, only one in seven TGVs and one out of five TERs were in circulation.

Monday, the rate of reporting strikers is 43%, higher than Sunday (35%), but less than Tuesday and Wednesday (48%), according to the SNCF. This figure only concerns the personnel needed to run trains (controllers, controllers and drivers).

On international lines, three trains out of four will circulate.

In detail, there will be three Eurostar out of four, a “near-normal traffic” on the Thalys, a Lyria on six (Switzerland), a train on three towards Germany and a train on five to Spain . On the other hand, no train will circulate towards Italy.

In France, no TGV Ouigo will roll.

In Ile-de-France, the disturbances will vary according to the RER lines, with one out of two trains on line A, one out of five on line C, one out of four on line D and one out of three trains on line.

On the RER B, one train out of three will circulate north of Paris, while the traffic will be “normal” on the rest of the line.

The rail workers on Tuesday committed a long-term strike by episode of two days out of five against the government rail reform. In all, 36 days of strike are expected by the end of June.

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