General says that Pyongyang still does not show that it can attack the US with missiles

Ⓒ KCNA via KNS/AFP/Archivos – STR – | North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un inspects one of the missiles launched on July 4, 2017

North Korea has made new advances in its intercontinental ballistic missile program but has not demonstrated the capabilities to attack the United States with such a weapon, a US general said on Tuesday.

While Pyongyang has shown that it can have the United States in the range of some of its rockets, General Paul Selva, vice president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he has not yet proven that his fusion and directing technologies can survive the flight stresses. of ballistic missiles.

“They have made some progress, but it is also true that they have not yet shown all the components of an intercontinental ballistic missile system,” Selva told reporters.

It is also unclear whether North Korea has a device capable of re-entering Earth’s atmosphere from space and launching a warhead.

“It’s possible that (Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea) has them, so we have to bet that he could have them, but he has not shown it,” Selva said.

North Korea proved last year that its ballistic missiles had the potential to reach the United States and in September it carried out its sixth and largest nuclear test.

Pyongyang’s weapons program has increased tensions on the Korean peninsula in recent months, which has led to new sanctions amid fierce rhetoric between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

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