The Chinese group Alibaba sells in 24 hours worth 25,000 million dollars

Ⓒ AFP – – – | The president of the web giant Alibaba, Daniel Zhang, speaks before a screen that shows the sum of sales made on the Day of the Singles, early this Sunday, November 12 in Shanghai

The Chinese giant Alibaba beat its record sales this year in the “Day of the Singles”, reaching more than 25,300 million dollars in revenue.

The group announced on Sunday on its website that the previous day had sold goods worth 168,300 million yuan.

In China, the “Singles Day” is celebrated on November 11. Created in 2009 by the digital commerce leader Alibaba, this date allows you to massively increase your sales with important promotions.

In total, the sales recorded this year are 39% higher than last year’s turnover, when Alibaba obtained 120.7 billion yuan (17.8 billion dollars) that same day. In 24 hours, Alibaba sold a sum equivalent to the GDP of Afghanistan or Honduras.

At the peak of the day on Saturday, 256,000 payments per second were recorded. More than 90% of the transactions recorded by Alibaba’s online payment platform were made through cell phones. Sales of Alibaba’s competing companies, such as, also increased on Saturday.

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