Government unveils reform for self-employed

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – REMY GABALDA – | Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at a meeting with the leaders of the agricultural sector, in the Gers, August 18, 2017

Progressive end of the RSI, increase of the ceilings of income of the self-employed, reduction of the contributions: Édouard Philippe unveils on Tuesday the reform in favor of the self-employed, which reflects campaign commitments of Emmanuel Macron.

It is at a Dijon hairdresser that the Prime Minister will come to put this reform on Tuesday morning, before announcing the measures in the Burgundy city. Gérald Darmanin (Budget and Social Accounts), Agnès Buzyn (Solidarités et Santé) and Secretary of State Benjamin Griveaux (Economy).

A few days after the ordinances of the future labor law, Édouard Philippe will unveil this other social aspect that concerns the more than 6.6 million French self-employed (self-employed, self-employed, artisans, traders, etc.).

Promised by candidate Macron, confirmed by the Prime Minister in his statement of general policy, the death certificate of the Social Regime of the Independents (RSI) and its backing to the general scheme, that of the employees, must see its timetable specified.

The date of disappearance on January 1, 2018, mentioned by the executive in recent months, is recorded.

But the recommendations of a mission entrusted in July by the government to Dominique Giorgi push the executive to act gradually, to avoid “a second industrial accident”, after the failures of the birth of the RSI.

Created in 2006, the regime had been plagued by numerous dysfunctions (miscalculations, delays …), which appeared after a reform of 2008 and the creation of a “single social interlocutor”.

Described as an “industrial catastrophe” by the Court of Auditors in 2012, the RSI today says it is “aware that reform is needed to move towards more quality of service”, but underlines the “progress” made since 2013.

In a statement Monday night, the Confederation of SMEs (CPME) reiterated all the evil it thinks of the RSI, while recalling that it is “attached to the taking into account the characteristics of the self-employed in the setting up of their future social protection system “.

– “Uberisation” –

“Simply putting them in the general regime would be a mistake,” she said, wishing that, in the end, “the burdens of the self-employed, like employers’ and wage costs, the CSG “.

Another big part of the reform presented Tuesday: what the executive intends to do for the autoentrepreneurs, renamed officially “microentrepreneurs” since the end of 2014. More than 1 million French currently benefits.

Born in 2009, this simplified company status allows employees, unemployed, retired or students to develop a main or complementary activity, with simplified procedures and a favorable tax system.

A symbol of “uberization” as much praised as it was decried, the microenterprise had been supported by Emmanuel Macron during his campaign.

When small businesses with a classic status regularly report unfair competition, the elected candidate had proposed to double the income ceilings under which a worker can benefit from the status.

Currently set at 33,100 euros for services and 82,800 euros for commercial activities, they would thus go up to 66,200 and 165,600 euros respectively.

Benjamin Griveaux and his supervisory minister Bruno Le Maire both confirmed in August that the executive was preparing to double those ceilings.

Third major component of the reform: compensation for the CSG’s 1.7 point increase, which will also mechanically affect the self-employed.

Employees will benefit from a drop of 3.15 percentage points of their contributions on sickness and unemployment. But since self-employed persons do not pay unemployment premiums, the decrease in their contributions should be based on their health and family contributions.

According to Les Echos and Le Figaro, the rise in the CSG would be fully compensated, with a further boost that would reach 100 million euros. And would be targeted at the 75% of the most modest independents. The other 25% will not be compensated for the rise in the CSG.

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