France: tax cuts will be decided “before the end of the year”

Ⓒ AFP – Patrick KOVARIK – | The Secretary of State for Parliamentary Relations and Government Spokesperson, Christophe Castaner, at the Elysee Palace on 28 June 2017

The system of tax cuts will be decided “before the end of the year”, “so that the essential comes into force” in 2018 and 2019, said Thursday the government spokesman Christophe Castaner, also announcing ” Decreases in public expenditure in all ministries “.

“We will stop before the end of this year the whole scheme of tax cuts so that the essential comes into force from 2018 and as early as 2019,” Castaner said on LCI.

“Within fifteen days we will say where we are making savings,” he also said, announcing “decreases in public spending in all ministries.”

“Emmanuel Macron was not elected for three months, he was elected for five years, he made a commitment to the French for five years, and at no time in the campaign (…) We will reduce such taxes in September 2017, another in January + “, stressed Christophe Castaner.

“On the other hand, we made a commitment: that of reducing by 20 billion euros the contributions, the taxes, all that belongs to the tax, in the mandate,” he continued, refuting any “lack of transparency”.

On the savings side, Mr Castaner stressed that “nothing will be sanctuarized even if there are priorities”.

“We need to increase the number of police and gendarmerie, for example, as we know, we will do so, but there is an urgent need, and we have to find 5 billion euros if not our public expenditure Goes into the wall, “he said. “To avoid this, we want all ministries to work on a project review (…)”.

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