The government is relocating to Nancy to prepare its major projects

Ⓒ AFP – FRANCOIS LO PRESTI – | Edouard Philippe speaks with the Mayor of Nancy Laurent Hénart, accompanied by Gérard Collomb and André Rossinot, in Nancy on June 30, 2017

The almost complete government met on Friday evening in Nancy for a 24-hour seminar, a “greening” outside Paris to bring ministers closer and prepare the announcements of the executive next week.

The 18 ministers and 10 secretaries of state -only missed Nicolas Hulot held by a railway inauguration-arrived in the city of Lorraine around 7:00 pm for a working dinner around Prime Minister Édouard Philippe.

Three days before Emmanuel Macron’s speech to the Congress, on the eve of the general policy statement of his head of government, the seminar should make it possible to fine-tune the major projects that the executive is preparing to launch.

Friday evening for dinner, it is a “time of exchange, I would say more + philosophical + on certain subjects,” explained the spokesman of the government Christophe Castaner.

Francois Mitterrand’s writer and former advisor Erik Orsenna participates in the agapes, as well as two “heroes of the daily”, former deputy Jean-Marie Schléret, hired for the handicapped and astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

“I will tell them my mission and see what are the common points between a space mission and direct France,” said the recent tenant of the International Space Station.

The meeting, held on Friday on the campus of the grandes écoles of Nancy, will extend to the prefecture of Meurthe-et-Moselle Saturday, more on the bottom.

After the alarm of the Court of Accounts on the budgetary slippage, its president Didier Migaud will be present with the ministers.

Édouard Philippe is to announce in two stages, Tuesday in the Assembly and then mid-July, the measures adopted to stay at 3% public deficit and not 3.2% as revealed by the audit of the sages of Cambon Street.

The freeze on the salary index for civil servants has already been announced by Budget Minister Gérald Darmanin.

The gathering is also symbolic, preferring to the usual places of power in Paris this northeast quarter of France confronted with difficulties, where the National Front has largely exceeded a quarter of the votes.

“The Prime Minister wanted to send the signal that we were not in the middle,” said his entourage.

The relocation of the government in the provinces at the beginning of the quinquennium has precedents: in October 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy had thus directed a Council of Ministers in Corsica. Under the quinquennium Holland, several interministerial councils with large parts of the executive had also been organized.

Emmanuel Macron, expected Saturday at midday in Strasbourg for a tribute ceremony to the former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, will not make a hook by Nancy, said Matignon.

By deciding to gather MPs and senators in Congress in Versailles, on the eve of a general policy statement that is the traditional hour of glory of the new prime ministers, Emmanuel Macron has revived the questions around his presidential design, arousing strong reactions Of the opposition, some of whom boycotted his speech at Versailles.

– “Symbolic Castration” –

While some saw the right line of the Fifth Republic and a president speaking directly to the people, other observers saw a humiliating decision for the Prime Minister in opposition but also more discreetly within Of the executive. “It is a symbolic castration,” said a government adviser interviewed by AFP.

The head of government received in mid-June the various “roadmaps” of his ministers, who must feed his first big speech on Tuesday.

In addition to public finances, education, security, and the inter-ministerial method of work, Matignon said the three main themes of the seminar were Saturday.

In this meeting with little airs of “team building” or “weekend of integration”, the goal is to pass the welding of the government team.

“The ministers do not know each other, the idea is to find themselves in an informal setting,” explains Matignon: no ministerial sedans but a bus for members of the government, arrived by TGV, who will stay in two hotels of the city lorraine.

The exercise is scheduled to end Saturday afternoon with a press conference.

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